Monday, October 14, 2013

A post from Lily Ann of A Fish Design:

I'm so excited to be the Featured Designer for the second half of October. Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is a special holiday for me because my first born, Molly, was due on Halloween but was born the day before. And I just LOVE the fall and Halloween colors.
From Oct. 16 through Oct. 31st my entire store will be on sale for 50% off!
I have a bunch of fun things going on during the remainder of the month in which you could earn a coupon to my store.
1. Scavenger Hunt ($1): Pictured below are ten things you could find in my store. Send me a pm with the 10 kit names and earn $1 if they are all correct. Don't put the list here. We don't want to give away the answers.
2. Leave love (up to $2): $.10 per comment up to 20 comments: Leave love in my designer gallery.
3. Make a layout using my product and add it to my gallery (up to $2): $1 using product you already have including freebies, $2 if you purchase something from my store (include invoice #).
4. Blog about your favorite item in my store or write about it on Facebook. ($1) Be sure to include: a) The product previews b) Your comments about why you would love to own this product or why you do own this product. c) Link the product back to the product in my store d) Put a link in this thread as your proof. 5. Put my blinkie in your siggy ($1)
Here's my blinkie!!!
code: Go to Scraps N Pieces to track your progress so I can send you your gift at the end of the month.

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